Riveting System
A rivet nut is handy for installing a strong threaded insert from one side of sheet metal, tubing, extrusions and other materials too brittle to support a tapped hole. This provides a threaded insert for screws and bolts. Driving in the rod or bolt causes the end of the rivet nut to anchor itself to the panel or part. Rivet nuts provide simple and effective way to join materials with the benefits of an internal thread, in a variety of applications. Also called as insert nuts, or thread inserts.

A rivet nut can have different head style, including flat head, countersunk head, and reduced head.

The body of rivet nut can be round or hexagonal. For round body rivet nut, we can produce it with knurls to have better twist-resistance.

Rivet Nut is available in different materials, including aluminum, steel, staiinless steel.

Steel rivet nut is most popular type, suitable for different applications. For special requirement, FASTFIX can provide clear zinc coating, black zinc coating, Zinc Nickel coating, Darcomate coating, etc.

Aluminum rivet nut is around one third weight of steel one, and provide good corrosion resistance.

Stainless rivet nut is super for application, which need high resistance to corrosion and temperature.

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