Riveting System
SSMG&BBMG rivet -
High strength multi-grip
Advantages of SSMG / BBMG rivet:
· Wide grip range, and superior hole fill
· multi-grip capability, help to reduce inventory
· Vibration resistant, with high mandrel retention
· High tensile and shear strength

Available in materials:
· Steel / Steel - SSMG
· Stainless / Stainless - BBMG

Rivet Head Style:
· Dome Head
· Countersunk Head
· Large Head

SSMG / BBMG rivets Applications:
· widely used in automotive, commercial vehicles, home appliances, heating and ventilating, electronics, etc.

All steel multi-grip type rivet (SSMG) provides high shear and tensile strength. All stainless steel multi-grip type rivet (BBMG) provides high corrosion resistance, similar to Stavex type. Ideal for applications requiring elevated temperatures.

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