Riveting System
T-BULB rivet
T-BULB rivet
Advantages of T-BULB rivet:
· Assure mandrel break flush in whole grip range by a special ring
· Large blind side bearing area
· Stem mechanically locked, giving strong, vibration resistant joints
· Quick to install and inspect

Available in materials:
· Steel / Steel

Rivet Head Style:
· Dome Head

T-BULB rivets Applications:
· Widely used in automotive, for truck and trailer, and frame structure and bracket of new energy vehicle.

T-BULB is special designed high strength structural breakstem fasteners. The mandrel always breaks flush at the flange, and strong locked after setting. T-BULB is a registered trade mark by Fast-Fix for this type rivet. It's similar to Alcoa's Magna-bulb type.

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