Riveting System
Advantages of BULB-LOCK type rivet:
· Super shear and tensile strength
· Large blind side bearing area
· Provide strong, vibration resistant joints
· Quick to install and inspect

Available in materials:
· Steel / Steel

Rivet Head Style:
· Dome Head

BULB-LOCK type rivets Applications:
· Widely used in automotive, construction, railway, container and renewable energy like solar industry.
· Available with diameter 6.4mm(1/4"), 7.9mm(5/16"), 9.5mm(3/8"), 12.7mm(1/2"), and 15.9mm(5/8”).

BULB-LOCK is a registered trade mark by Fast-Fix for this type rivet.
Super high strength structural rivet, similar to Alcoa's BOM rivet and Avdel's Avbolt series.

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