Riveting System
Tri-fold type rivet
Tri-fold type rivet
Advantages of Tri-fold (TRI-FIX) type rivet:
· Split tail formation providing large bearing area at blind side
· Wide grip range, fit different materials thickness & reduce rivets inventory
· Retained stem provides vibration resistant joints, like Avdel's Bulbex
· Spreads clamp load on the rear sheet, suitable for soft applications

Rivet is available in materials:
· Aluminum / Aluminum
· Plastic / Plastic

Rivet Head Style:
· Dome Head
· Large Head

Tri-fold(TRI-FIX) type rivets Applications:
·Suitable for plastic components, interior decoration, Caravans / RV, etc.

Also called as Trebol rivet
Color rivets are available

Plastic (Nylon) rivets - PP-TRI-FIX are available

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