Riveting System

For special applications, like soft or friable materials, such as plastic, rubber, wood, laminates etc, standard blind rivets may not work properly. FASTFIX can provide different special blind rivets for such applications.

FASTFIX's tri-fold type rivet is a break-mandrel blind rivet designed for the fastening, in a fast and simple way, of rigid materials to soft or low resistance materials. This rivet is provided with a big counter head in the shape of three double parts offering a large contact area on the blind side. This large expansion on the blind side distributes the load and the clamping force, reducing the risk of crushing and the material breaking. It has a wide grip range, fit different materials thickness & reduce rivets inventory. And its retained stem provides vibration resistant joints, like Avdel's Bulbex. It can be used for plastic components, interior decoration, Caravans / RV, etc. Besides aluminum, FASTFIX's tri-fold rivet is also available in plastic (Nylon) material.

FASTFIX's peel type rivet is also designed for rigid materials to soft materials or those with low resistance. The head of the mandrel is provided with edges that longitudinally cut the rivet body on the blind side. The rivet body is divided thus into four petals that bend outwards and come into contact with the material to be fastened, creating a locking head with a big diameter. This large expansion on the blind side distributes the load and the clamping force, reducing the risk of crushing and breaking of materials. Once the riveting process is finished, the head of the mandrel comes off leaving a central hole. It is also called as flower rivet, available in different colors per customer's need. Suitable for caravans / trailers / Trunk / furniture / plastic-framed window / carboard, or any products involving joining of soft or friable materials.

FASTFIX's grooved type rivet constitutes an effective and safe method of joining metal to smooth and fibrous surfaces. This fastener does not need through drills. The grooved mandrel head, when expanding inside the material, forms a kind of “clips” that take hold of the walls, providing a high resistance joint. It is a mandrel-break kind of rivet widely used in the manufacturing of furniture and in the construction industry to fasten metal surfaces to wood, bricks or cement. It works in blind (non-drilled-through) holes, provide a solid and high quality joint.

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