Riveting System
Structural rivets with the stem retained in the shear plane plus a locked stem can give the rivet a high shear strength. It is suitable for highly stressed or dynamically loaded applications. Typical structural rivets are Monobolt, Interlock, Hemlok rivets from Avdel, and Magnalok, Magna-bulb, BOM rivets from Huck.

FASTFIX's structural Rivets like CUP-FIX and CUP-LOCK type, have the grip-range versatility of a Multi-Grip while simultaneously being exceptionally strong once set. The structural high strength is a result of a mechanically locked stem. The locking occurs during the riveting process when the mandrel has traveled the full length of the rivet body. The strength comes from the mandrel being locked in place and completely filling the space along the shear plane from the primary through to the secondary side of the head. When set properly, this results in a flush break, where the mandrel is broken nearly even with the head. Structural Rivets are primarily used in the transportation industries like Truck, Trailer, RV, and also cabinet, container, construction, etc.

HEM-FIX, BULB-LOCK and T-BULB type rivets have smaller grip range, but higher in strength values. They are designed for the fastening of elements that require exceptional tensile and shear strengths, to meet the most heavy-duty fastening applications and ensures a high quality fastening. The load and torque forces are well distributed, due to its feature of large expansion on the blind side. It is, therefore, particularly suitable for the work with thin sheets. The head of the rivet is completely held inside the body due to a mechanical locking, avoiding thus any kind of electrical problems and noises caused by loose mandrels. It allows a homogeneous riveting, a solid and high quality joint that resists all kinds of vibrations.

FASTFIX's structural rivets are available in normal diameters like 3.2mm(1/8"), 4.0mm(5/32"), 4.8mm(3/16"), 6.4mm(1/4"), and also in bigger size including diameter 7.9mm(5/16"), 9.5mm(3/8"), 12.7(1/2")mm, and 15.9(5/8")mm.


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